BridPort slideshow in Color 2014

A slideshow of the entrants of the FX FJ Holden Nationals entering the town of Bridport, Tasmania on 30 December 2014. File size is 992.92mb

2014 Nationals DVD – ISO image

This is an ISO image of the 2014 Nationals DVD that was held in Launceston Tasmania between 28 – 31 December 2014. This is an image that can be easily burned to a DVD. The file size is 1.23GB How to Burn a ISO Image The following site explains how to...

SA 4898

Image of SA FJ panelvan towing period caravan.

Q FX50

1950 Queensland 48-215 sedan. Image taken at 2014 FX FJ Nationals in Launceston, Tasmania


Image of FX0001 in black and white taken at BridPort Tasmania 30 December 2014 during the 2014 nationals

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National Museum of Australia

National Museum of Australia Recent acquisitions Below you will find some of the objects the Museum has recently acquired. Holden Prototype Car No. 1, 1946 This was the first definitive model of the Holden 48-215 that launched the Australian car manufacturing industry. Hand-construction of the car was completed by Fisher...

Me and My Holden

A nostalgia trip with the early Holden’s Don Loffler JACKETED HB 240 PP 230 X 210 4-COL T/OUT ISBN 9781862548039 $49.95 History Wakefield Press ‘My father treasures your books so much that he won’t let anyone but himself handle them.’ – B.K. Since the success of his first three best-selling...

The FJ Holden

By Don Loffler The FJ Holden A favourite Australian car 230 x 210 PB 336 PP (48 COL) 500 PHOTOS 1862545839 $49.95 Cars / Illustrated History APN 9781862545830 Wakefield Press Published to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the famous FJ Holden in 2003, this book follows Don Loffler’s previous best-sellers...