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My Life as a Humpy Lover – by Kerrin Hampstead

It all started in the ‘50s when my dad bought his first car an FX ( the family only had push bikes until then), I fell in love & my love continued with the influence of my uncles & older cousins carting me off each weekend to a race track around OZ to race their FX & FJ’s.

The first car Rob (my other love) & I had when we got married in the ‘60s was an FJ (we had a Vesper scooter first bit more up market than my Mum & Dad’s first transport).

In the ‘70s I raced them at the Northern Rivers Speedway being the first female driver to take on the men & further setting up the first all female speedway team.

During this time my Dad had always had a Humpy at home to play with & was part of the local car clubs. I lost my dad in 1989 a sad ,but happy warm memory for me, he was on his way to a club outing pulled over on the edge of the road, turned the engine off & passed away, I hope I’m so lucky. His car is in a museum in the northern rivers.

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My steps to have a humpy close to me again came when I was able to obtain ‘Hoonie’ the black FJ panelvan from Chris Churchill & we have certainly bought many more to our place since—cause every time I went to drive Hoonie, Rob had his head under the bonnet, so I said get your own, we haven’t had a modern car since, up to 8 humpies at once at one stage, FX’s & FJ’s it has been such a Buzz.

We think we have settled down now done the possible unforgivable in some eyes & bought modified ones, by having the two we presently have ‘Topless & Randy’ makes it a bit more easier & safer to drive.

Also it is such a buzz to feel we are still part of the humpy gang, I guess our cars are like us, old on the outside with some modern internal parts.
I don’t know life without a Humpy they are just a part of what my existence is.

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Courtesy of the Canberra FX FJ Club August 09 Newsletter