FX FJ Stats

Ever wondered how many Utes or sedans were built ?


Body Type

Body Made

Number made

What is it?
48-215 Woodville 92047 FX Sedan
48-215 Pagewood 6564 FX Sedan
48-215-257 Woodville 633 FX Business Sedans
50-2106 Woodville 18421 FX Ute
50-2106 Pagewood 1551 FX Ute
50-2106 Army 585 FX Army Ute




Body Type Body Made Number made What is it?
FJ-215 Woodville 20143 FJ Standard Sedan
FJ-215 Sydney 8048 FJ Standard Sedan
FJ-217 Woodville 5144 FJ Business Sedans
FJ-217 Sydney 4102 FJ Business Sedans
FJ-225 Woodville 53649 FJ Special Sedan
FJ-225 Sydney 25902 FJ Special Sedan
FJ-2104 Woodville 6620 FJ Panelvan
FJ-2104 Woodville 1142 FJ Panelvan Option 265
FJ-2106 Woodville 29950 FJ Utility
FJ-2106 Sydney 14449 FJ Utility
FJ-2106 Army 404 FJ Army Utility

These are figures I have obtained, and are close, but I am still trying to verify the figures. Anyways it gives a run down on how many of each model was made.