FX and FJ by year

November, 48-215 Sedan introduced.
Trim was light grey cloth or red leather with vertical pleats to top of seats.
Rear door lock button at back of door.

Model identical with 1948. Blue leather trim added.

August, horizontal ‘Bolster’ incorporated across top of seats.
December, serial number plate moved from sub-frame to L H door pillar.

January, 50/2106 Utility introduced. Trim- Brown leather and PVC trim.
The Sedan had two combinations trims with buttons added.
Locking buttons on rear door relocated from back to front of door, after Body No. 29932.

October, gaiter removed from rear springs.
December, light grey cloth trim discontinued.

January, Bosch electrics fitted to utility.
February, tubular shock absorbers and 2in width rear springs fitted, Bumper over-riders redesigned.
March, inlet manifold air shield deleted.
May, Bosch electrics fitted to the Sedan.
July, 48/217 Business Sedan introduced
October, FJ Sedan and Utility introduced. Bulls-eye tail light introduced
December, FJ/2104 Panel Van introduced.

February, new diff housing with no drain plug and larger rear wheel bearings.
April, cigarette lighter moved from over glove box to over ash tray.
June, Stop light switch changed from hydraulic type to mechanically operated type.
July, one piece front-end mounting rubbers.
From engine no. 136885 there were modifications to the brake master cylinder – the seive assembly baffle was omitted and superseded by a Louvre baffle as an integral part of the reservoir.

February, Sedan front springs changed and painted grey and rear shockers, eye type, moved to front of diff housing.
July, Special rear fender ornament changed from pressed metal to die-cast.

July, Sedan finished, FE introduced.

February, Utility finished.
May, Panel Van finished.