FJ Holden Movie

FJ Holden Movie - Trailer

fjmov77Director: Michael Thornhill, 1977, 105 mins, Rated M.

Kevin is an apprentice motor mechanic who drives an FJ Holden. He and his best mate Bob spend most of their spare time driving around trying to pick up girls. Kevin meets Anne at the local pub and takes her to a posh restaurant to impress her. However, Kevin is out of place and much happier with his mates at a drag race. Despite his fondness for Anne, Kevin finds it difficult to sustain a mature relationship. When Anne throws him out of her house one day, Kevin turns up drunk at a party and causes a disturbance, but arrives home at dawn to find the police waiting. The FJ Holden offers a vision of 1970’s life as it was lived by the disadvantaged young of the Western Suburbs of Sydney.

Anne - played by Eva Dickinson

Anne – played by Eva Dickinson

29th April, 1977

Bankstown Chullora Twin Drive-In, Waterloo Road, Greenacre. 48-215 and FJ Holden’s were admitted free on the night.

Kevin -  played by Paul Couzens

Kevin – played by Paul Couzens

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